American-Made Headwear

The Way it Used To Be

Remember when things were made across town, not across the world? When people were paid an fair wage for an honest day's work? When quality was something you could expect, not just hope for?

We do. We're Old Glory Caps.

American-Made: Why it Matters

All of our products are 100% American-made. We think it's important. Here's why we think you should too.

Buy Local. Build Local.

When you buy American-made, you're helping to support a chain reaction of positive effects. While every Made-in-the-USA purchase supports the national economy, there's also a pretty good chance that a town local to you manufactures something and employs your fellow Americans. More employed Americans means more dollars invested back into the local community. In fact, for every $1.00 spent with a small local business, $0.67 stays in their community.

Safer Products. Safer Workers.

By virtue of the extensive consumer protection laws and rigorous testing & compliance regulations, American-made products are inherently safer than those produced in countries where these safety regulations are relaxed. In addition to product quality and safety, the U.S. also ensures workers’ rights are being protected through higher standards for working conditions & compensation. Garment workers throughout the world work in hazardous conditions for low wages as the industry tries to feed the West's appetite for cheap apparel. Ending this cycle begins at home.

For a Cleaner World.

Unlike many countries where apparel is produced, the U.S. has more rigid regulations requiring manufacturers to be conscious of water, air & soil pollution, resulting in cleaner production than many of it's foreign counterparts. In addition to these improvements in processes, the carbon footprint of American-made merchandise is also smaller when fuels & resources are not used to ship items across oceans and over long distances.